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  Firearm deaths have surpassed car crashes as the number one non-medical fatality in the state Missouri. The Kansas City Star recently reported that the number of car crash fatalities have continued to decrease, with 781 deaths in 2013, while firearm deaths are on the rise, coming in at 880 for the year.

An increase in crimes involving firearms is also a local trend, according to Detective Tom O'Sullivan with the Boone County Sheriffs' Department.

  Effective safe-driving campaigns and increase in suicides have pushed firearm deaths ahead of car crashes as the leading nonmedical cause of deaths in Missouri.

The Kansas City Star reports 880 people were killed by guns in Missouri in 2013, the most recent federal data available, while 781 died in car crashes.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is reporting a slight increase in traffic fatalities for the year 2012 – that’s expected to be about a 3 percent increase from last year.

MoDOT watches closely for careless drivers

Oct 15, 2012

This week Missouri law enforcement will be paying more attention to careless drivers as part of MoDOT’s Operation Safe Driver Week.

The event aims to raise awareness about safety issues when dealing with aggressive drivers and when driving near large trucks.