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The acting secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs spoke Tuesday in St. Louis and said the beleaguered federal agency is making progress on a host of problems that led to his predecessor's forced resignation.

Vice President Joe Biden today lauded the nation’s military veterans who have fought battles overseas, but he made clear that there’s a limit to what the United States’ military can do.

“It’s time for those we liberated to stand up and put themselves together,” Biden said at the end of a lengthy speech to about 12,000 members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars gathered in St. Louis at the America's Center convention hall downtown.

The long delays for veterans seeking medical care at VA hospitals have prompted The American Legion to set up a short-term crisis center in St. Louis this week.

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Many homeless Missouri veterans could soon have a roof over their heads.

Poonam Incorporated is requesting the rezoning of about four acres of land located on the south side of Business Loop 70 East near Old Highway 63 for the creation of a "Veteran's Campus".

A public information meeting was held at City Hall on Tuesday night to give members of the community more details about the site.

Project planner Clint Smith is confident that the housing would benefit a good cause.

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Senator Roy Blunt says the Veterans Affairs medical center in Kansas City, Missouri has been maintaining a secret waiting list of veterans, the latest of several centers around the country to maintain such an unauthorized list.

A bill winning approval from U.S. senators to resolve problems in the troubled Veterans Affairs system would create new health facilities, including one in southeast Missouri.

Under the larger bill agreed to by senior senators yesterday, the measure authorizes the VA to lease 26 new walk-in health facilities in 18 states and spend $500 million to hire more doctors and nurses.