Youth cleaning graffiti
File Photo / KBIA

As the school year wraps up, area youth are left searching for ways to occupy their time. The City of Columbia’s Volunteer Programs sponsors a unique opportunity for 12-15 year olds  with its Youth in Action summer volunteer program.                                                            

Anastasia Harris, an intern for the City of Columbia’s Volunteer Programs, is in charge of this summer’s Youth in Action program.

Yiqian Zhang / KBIA

Missourians are more likely to volunteer and to do favors for a neighbor than the average American. But their level of civic engagement depends greatly on their circumstances.

A new report on the state’s civic health, issued by six Missouri universities and the National Conference on Citizenship, found that Missouri largely aligns with the rest of the nation on community involvement.

The report measured political activity, but also whether residents volunteered, helped their neighbors, or attended public meetings. 

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia is working to recruit enough volunteers to keep its temporary homeless shelter open until Dec. 31 – a week and a half longer than originally planned.