5:30 pm
Wed February 12, 2014

Business Beat: Propane price spikes, Missouri grapes combat climate change

The barn at Borgic Farms in Nokomis, Ill., where piglets are weaned must be kept warm year-round. In the winter, that means using a bank of propane-fueled heaters.
Credit Peter Gray / Harvest Public Media


Residents across the Midwest are struggling with tight propane supplies, especially in this bitterly cold, snowy winter.

But it's not just homes that lack adequate access to heating energy. Harvest Public Media's Peter Gray reports on the recent fuel shortage, and how it's hitting farms that put bacon and eggs on your plate in the morning.

If you are a fan of wine, particularly European wines, from France, Italy or Germany, you can be proud of the role Missouri plays in creating that wine.

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Business Beat
5:37 pm
Wed May 15, 2013

Conservation or ag land; climate change and Missouri wine

Wine grapes.
Credit rustinpc / flickr

With a new farm bill, farmers may have access to fewer dollars for conservation. For 27 years, the popular Conservation Reserve Program has transformed small parcels of land, contributing to cleaner water, more habitat for migrating birds and less soil erosion. But as Harvest Public Media’s Amy Mayer reports from Iowa, the program has been enrolling fewer acres in recent years and it’s not just budget cuts that could make it smaller still.

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5:04 pm
Mon November 19, 2012

MU professor dies in car crash

MU professor Anthony Peccoux died Saturday in a highway car accident.
Credit University of Missouri

A University of Missouri professor recently hired to help promote the state's wine industry died in a weekend car crash.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that 32-year-old Anthony Peccoux died in a one-car crash Saturday night. He came to the university from France in March as an assistant professor in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

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8:56 am
Thu July 5, 2012

Hot, dry conditions bring mixed forecast for Missouri wine producers

rustinpc flickr

Missouri winemakers are watching their grape vines carefully this summer.

A little stress can positively effect grape quality, but as wine experts are concerned this year’s heat and drought may be too much. 

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Under the Microscope
5:06 pm
Thu January 19, 2012

Breeding new grape varieties

Dr. Chin-Feng Hwang checks on a cluster of grapes that is a crossbreed between the disease-resistant Norton and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
Jennifer Moore KSMU


This week on the show: do you know what's living in your firewood? Plus, new cultivars could change Missouri's wine industry.

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Under The Microscope
12:02 pm
Thu November 3, 2011

Under the Microscope: November 3, 2011

Brett O’Brien checks an ash tree branch for signs of infestation in a Columbia Parks and Recreation Department workshop.
Camille Phillips KBIA

This week on the show: do you know what's living in your firewood? Plus, new cultivars could change Missouri's wine industry.

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