The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald says the Hamoodi case " highlights the travesties routinely imposed on Muslim Americans"

Oct 1, 2012
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Did you catch Glenn Greenwald when he was in town last week? The celebrated political journalist stopped by the University of Missouri on a speaking tour. While he was in Columbia it looks like he picked up on the case of Dr. Shakir Hamoodi, an Iraqi-American nuclear engineer who just began a three-year prison sentence at the Fort Leavenworth, Kansas penitentiary for sending money to his family in Iraq at a time when sanctions made that illegal.

Source: Guardian

I'm currently traveling around the US on a speaking tour, and as I've written before, one of the prime benefits of doing that is being able to meet people and their families whose lives have been severely harmed by the post-9/11 assault on basic liberties.

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