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Been missing all the digital-only news and music on KBIA2 and KBIA3? Then get an HD Radio multicast* or WiFi receiver! Below is a survey of the products available on the market. Browse by category: Tabletop | Portable | Car Stereo | Home Audio Or view an array of WiFi Internet radios here. Product listings and prices are current as of December 14, 2010. Tabletop Radios: iLuv is offering two models: the i168, an HD Radio tabletop with dual alarm clock, and the iHD171 (pictured left), which also features an iPod dock and one-touch iTunes tagging. The i168 is available through for $49.99 ... and the iHD171 is at The NPR Shop for $129.99. Pictured at left is the Sangean HDR-1 Table Top HD Radio Receiver. List price is $249.99. You can pick one up for as low as $149.88 at The NPR Shop. The Polk Audio I-Sonic boasts not just HD Radio multicast capabilities, but also XM Satellite radio-readiness, a DVD player, an iPod input, and high-performance audio. The most recent model is the ES2, featuring integrated iPod docking and iTunes tagging capabilities, listing at $499, and available through Amazon for $395. The Jensen JiMS-525 offers HD Radio multicasting, plus a docking station for playback and charging of your iPod Nano, Touch, or Classic ... and a line-in for connecting an iPod Shuffle or other mp3 player. More product information here. The JiMS can be found for $149.94 at Amazon. Sony offers two tabletop models:The XDR-S3HD, a tabletop model that lists at $149.95, has all the benefits of an HD clock radio packaged inside a wood-based cabinet. Also, Sony has the XDR-S10HDIP (right), which also lists at $149.95. It features a docking system for your iPod or iPhone, plus iTunes tagging. Directed Electronics has made available the Table Top HD Radio 44200, which features a large, backlit display for artist and title data, plus dual alarm, 30 station presets, and more. It is currently available online for $149.99, half the original suggested retail price. The Visteon HD Pulse HDT 200 offers dual alarm, 10 presets, EQ settings, and a wood cabinet with cherry finish and pearl white faceplate. It is available at The NPR Shop for $199.95. DICE Electronics is marketing the DICE iTR-100A tabletop HD Radio receiver with the visually impaired especially in mind. It bundles the digital radio experience with a sleek retro design. The current price for the radio is $249. An auxiliary speaker is optional. Find out more here. Portable Radios: From Best Buy's Insignia, an HD Radio that comes with a rechargable lithium-ion battery and a USB cable for recharging through your computer ... that displays station and program information on a 1.5-inch LCD color screen ... that retails for $39.99 ... and that comes with an armband for portability. Available here. Microsoft's Zune HD wireless media player is available with either 16 GB or 32 GB of storage capacity. Its many features include a built-in HD Radio receiver. It also acts as a media storage and playback device: the 32-GB version can hold up to 8,000 songs, or 25,000 pictures, or 48 hours of standard-definition video. The Microsoft store is offering the 16-GB Zune HD for $179.99; the 32-GB is $229.99. Car Stereo Units: HD Radio is a factory option within the Logic7 Audio System, available on all BMW models manufactured since April 2007. Ford announced in 2007 that it would be the first automaker to offer HD Radio across multiple product lines. Nearly all current Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury models offer it as an option. Additionally, many models dating back to 2005 can be retrofitted with HD Radio. Visteon's HD Zoom HD Radio component tuner kit contains a tuner box ideal for the dashboard, but small enough to be mounted under a seat. Retail price is $149.99. You can pick it up at The NPR Shop. JVC's KD-HDR60 is a USB/CD receiver contains a built-in HD Radio multicast tuner. It also can support iTunes tagging, has a USB 2.0 for your iPod or iPhone, and is Bluetooth- and satellite radio-compatible. Suggested list price is $179.99. It can be found at Amazon for $109.96. Dual Electronics is making four in-dash receivers available, three of them Bluetooth-ready, two with iTunes tagging. Find out more about them at the Dual Web site, here. Home Audio Components: The sleek, black Sangean HDT-1X HD Radio Component Tuner offers audiophiles superior digital and audio radio reception and frequency response. Includes a backlit LCD display and program associated data capability. Navigating the up-to-40 preset stations is easy with a fully-functioning credit-card remote. Current list price is $249.99.You can pick one up at Sangean's Web site. Best Buy offers the Insignia NS-HDTUNE, a stand-alone HD Radio tuner. The LCD display shows the frequency, station call letters, and signal strength. AM and FM antennas are included, and up to 8 AM and 16 FM presets are available. The Insignia is available for $104.99 at the Best Buy site. True audiophiles may dig in to the benefits of a Day Sequerra high-performance tuner. A range of tuners and monitors can be found, beginning at $1,595, at the Day Sequerra Web site. WiFi Internet Radios: C. Crane's CC WiFi Internet Radio offers all three KBIA streams, plus 10,000 other stations from around the world, searchable by location and by genre at the same time. Can be used as a wireless on your desk or counter, or can be plugged into your Ethernet port. You can pick one up for $139.95 in support of KBIA through The NPR Shop. One of the least expensive WiFi radios to hit market, the Coby IR825 Compact Wireless Internet Radio System includes not just thousands of wireless internet radio stations, but also an FM receiver. It lists at $122.79, and can be picked up here for about $100. The Tivoli NetWorks stereo takes WiFi radio to the higher end. It promises, among numerous features, wireless or hard-wired access to thousands of online radio stations, as well as an FM tuner, streaming of music files from associated PCs, manual or auto tuning, extensive preset and favorite capability, a furniture-grade wood cabinet. The NetWorks is priced at about $750, and can be picked up in support of KBIA through The NPR Shop. *HD Radio reception is generally restricted to the primary coverage areas of KBIA 91.3 FM, KKTR 89.7 FM, and KAUD 90.5 FM. If you are not sure whether you might receive KBIA's HD Radio signal, then please call us at 800-292-9136. Many more tabletop, audio-component, and car models are soon to reach market. KBIA does not endorse particular products, but wishes to provide consumers with the best information. Keep checking back here for details.