KBIA Positions

Radio Station Engineer

This position is responsible for the technical operations of the radio stations, KBIA and Classical 90.5, KAUD: 3 transmitter sites, audio system (all microphones, recording boards, satellite feeds entering the building, audio processing of FM and HD for transmission), all of the stations' computers.

On-Air Host

Responsibilities include hosting KBIA radio programs, recording and editing audio for on-air features, producing on-air promotional materials, recording overnight underwriting, training student announcers, and staffing fund drives. A significant portion of this role includes working with student newscast anchors. This primarily concerns checking the technical aspects of some tasks that student newscasters perform. On-air announcers are asked to review and verify that the student’s files are in the correct format, are the correct length and bear the correct name after they are sent into the automation system (AudioVault). This can involve giving the student direction on how to correct problems if they are discovered. Feedback on non-editorial, technical details such as the correct pronunciation of place names or of public officials can also be given.