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A former University of Missouri employee pled guilty Monday to charges of embezzlement. Former administrative assistant Carla Rathmann worked at MU’s Southwest Research Center in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, where she embezzled nearly $750,000 of MU funds over the course of fifteen years, according to the Department of Justice. Rathmann also admitted to using a university credit card for personal expenses totaling almost $150,000.

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  In this special, hear the voices of journalism students from the University of Missouri. In their time there, they've learned not only about their majors, but also about their identities, their families and their values. They were challenged in their magazine writing class this Spring to tell the stories of those significant learning moments in their lives. With help from their teacher and master-storyteller, Berkley Hudson, they recount stories about experiences from chosen families to chosen names. 

Listen to our radio special of selected commentaries here: 

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A white St. Louis police sergeant awarded nearly $800,000 over racial discrimination has filed another federal lawsuit claiming he's been retaliated against for the earlier win in court.

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A bill pending before Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon would protect those who try to rescue children from hot vehicles.

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A Missouri art museum has been working to upgrade security since several iconic Andy Warhol prints were stolen from the facility.

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A Kansas City-area food pantry seeks to help low-income people with food allergies.

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The Missouri Court of Appeals is being asked to decide if a divorced St. Louis County couple's frozen embryos are property or human beings with constitutional rights.

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Officials have announced plans to relocate a federal spy agency to a new site in St. Louis rather than across the Mississippi River in southern Illinois.

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St. Louis' police chief says he's confident the city prosecutor's decision not to charge two officers in last year's shooting death of a black 18-year-old was the result of a "comprehensive review."

Annual Mosquito Spraying Program Begins in Columbia

Jun 2, 2016
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The Department of Public Health and Human Services partnered with Columbia Parks and Recreation Thursday in an effort to reduce mosquito numbers.

Every year, Columbia’s trails are sprayed with an Environmental Protection Agency approved chemical for mosquito control. These locations include the MKT Trail, Grindstone Creek Trail, among other additional areas approved by Columbia Parks and Recreation. A small, red Chevrolet truck is scheduled to drive along the trails Friday mornings through September spraying the chemical.

A new report shows there was a slight improvement last year in the disproportionate rate at which black drivers in Missouri were pulled over, but that it was still far from equal.

The state attorney general's office's annual report released Wednesday shows that blacks were 69 percent more likely than white motorists to get stopped.

That's an improvement on 2014, when blacks were 75 percent more likely to get stopped based on their proportionate share of the driving-age population. That was the highest disparity since data collection began in 2000.

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Missouri's budget director says revenue is up 3.4 percent compared to the same time last year.

Director Dan Haug on Thursday announced that the state brought in about $8.1 billion in the current fiscal year through May. At the same time last year, the state had $7.8 billion.

Revenue in May was up 12 percent compared to May 2015.

Individual income tax collections increased more than 4 percent so far this year and more than 12 percent last month. The state's collected roughly $6.6 billion.


Sherpa guides and porters do much of the work of getting hikers up Everest. But despite doing an incredibly dangerous job in a lucrative industry, they receive just a small fraction of the money $300 million annually generated by Everest expeditions.

On this edition, filmmaker Jennifer Peedom talks to Global Journalist about 'Sherpa,' her documentary about tensions on Mt. Everest.


Finding Her Place after Being 'Out in a Small Town'

Jun 2, 2016

When KBIA and the Columbia Missourian first met Trinity Rainey in 2011, she found it both funny and frustrating when people mistook her for a boy at work. Her short hair and white T shirt completed her self-proclaimed “lesbian look.” At 16, Trinity learned not to spend too much time worrying about what others think, as a gay teen in Macon, Missouri.

Today Paul Pepper visits with Associate Professor ERIC SANDVOL, MU Department of Geological Sciences, about the science behind man-made earthquakes. On fracking, Eric says "You're getting about ten times more salt water than oil and gas...the cheapest thing to do (with all that waste water) is to pump it back into the ground...causing earthquakes." Find out more in this truly eye-opening discussion! June 2, 2016

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General Mills says the 10 million pounds of its flour recalled over a possible link to an E. coli outbreak in 20 states largely was produced at the company's Kansas City, Missouri, plant.

Another University of Missouri dean at the Columbia campus is stepping down.

It took him nearly a decade, but Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel has found a way to get revenge on Gawker Media for outing him: secretly bankroll defamation lawsuits to drive it out of business. He financed Hulk Hogan’s case to the tune of $10 million and is said to be behind other celebrity lawsuits, too. Also, whether an editor’s decision discredits Katie Couric’s gun safety documentary, Donald Trump spars with reporters, and the debut of cable television’s ‘Roots’ reboot. From the Missouri School of Journalism professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean: Views of the News.

Today Paul Pepper visits with PETE MILLIER, Director of Mizzou Botanic Garden, about two events celebrating National Pollinator Week. The first event is a dinner with renowned ethnobotanist, Gary Nabhan, from the University of Arizona; and the second event is an all-day symposium. Watch for details! At [3:40] actress TORI STEPANEK and actor DAVID BAKER invite everyone to come and see Capital City Players's latest production, "Rock of Ages." If you're fan of classic songs from the 1980s, you're going to love this show! June 1, 2016

Columns at University of Missouri
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The University of Missouri will soon have one fewer interim administrator. Interim chancellor Hank Foley announced today that Marshall Stewart will take over as vice chancellor of extension and engagement at MU. Stewart is currently at North Carolina State University, where he serves as a special assistant to the dean.

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A settlement has been reached in a former Jackson County inmate's lawsuit accusing county employees of cruel and unusual punishment for shackling her while pregnant and transporting her to another prison on the day she gave birth.


Cape Girardeau apparently hit the jackpot when it bet on opening a casino.

Claire McCaskill
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Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is pushing legislation she says is aimed at helping World War II veterans exposed to mustard gas.

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It took him nearly a decade, but Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel has found a way to get revenge on Gawker Media for outing him: secretly bankroll defamation lawsuits to drive it out of business. He financed Hulk Hogan’s case to the tune of $10 million and is said to be behind other celebrity lawsuits, too.

Nick Denton, Gawker: “An open letter to Peter Thiel