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Some Missourians could have their criminal records sealed under a measure that has passed the Legislature.

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The Missouri Legislature has voted to give adoptees a way to access their original birth certificates.

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Missouri senators have approved legislation to require a private company to review the state's welfare rolls.

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A U.S. District Judge has ruled in favor of the Columbia Planned Parenthood clinic – issuing a permanent injunction that protects the clinic’s license to perform abortions.

In her ruling on Wednesday, US District Judge Nanette Laughrey granted a permanent injunction to the clinic, therefore preventing the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services [DHSS] from revoking the clinic’s license.

Laughrey wrote that the department likely bowed to political pressure and unfairly revoked the clinic's license compared to how other facilities’ licenses are handled.

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The Legislature has passed a grant program aimed at attracting conventions to Missouri.

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Missouri students would have to take CPR training and pass a civics exam before graduating high school under proposals that have cleared the Legislature.

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Authorities say a young girl was hospitalized after her arm was impaled on a fence outside the governor's mansion.

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  JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Senators have voted to increase how much money aging, blind and disabled Missourians on Medicaid can keep in assets.

Senators passed the legislation 29-1 Tuesday, but it heads back to the House because of Senate changes.

Aging, blind and disabled Missourians on Medicaid currently can't keep more than $1,000 in assets such as savings, or $2,000 for married couples. Republican Sen. Bob Dixon says that contributes to a cycle of dependency.

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  JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Legislation limiting public access to police body camera videos has won final approval in Missouri in a move that some supporters hope will help encourage their use.

The bill's passage Tuesday comes nearly two years after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson touched off massive protests over the way police interact with residents.

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  JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri Legislature has passed a bill aimed at giving divorced parents more equal custody over their children.

The House voted 154-2 Tuesday to prohibit courts from presuming a parent is more qualified to be a guardian based on his or her sex. The Senate passed the legislation on a 28-0 vote two weeks ago, so now it heads to the governor.

If a divorcing couple disagrees on how to share custody, the court would have to settle on written findings of fact before resolving the dispute.

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A national gun control group says it is running an ad in Missouri's capital city urging lawmakers to reject a bill making it easier to carry concealed guns.

Missouri lawmakers have passed an income-tax deduction for active duty members of the military.

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Missouri's schools would have to develop suicide prevention policies under a bill moving through the Legislature.

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Forecasters say severe storms are likely Monday in parts of the Southern and Great Plains states, with tornadoes and very large hail a possibility in some areas.

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The federal government is picking up the tab to repair a monument to Missouri's Civil War troops at the Vicksburg National Military Park.

The University of Missouri's softball players say they're playing in protest of an internal investigation they say focuses on the program and its coaches.

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Ferguson's first black police chief is taking over as the St. Louis County town introduces reforms intended to address concerns about racial bias.

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Measures on union fees and changes to abortion policy are pending in the final week of Missouri's 2016 legislative session.

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Proponents of initiatives aimed at sales taxes, cigarette taxes and medical marijuana submitted petitions Sunday in hopes of getting their proposals on Missouri's November ballot.

Gov. Jay Nixon has signed ethics legislation imposing a waiting period on Missouri officials wanting to become lobbyists.

The legislation enacted Friday requires lawmakers and statewide elected officials to wait six months after their terms end before working as lobbyists.

Nixon also signed a bill prohibiting candidates who become lobbyists from holding onto their campaign money. They instead will have to refund it or give it to charity or a political party.

Nixon said the new laws "make incremental progress for badly needed ethics reform."

The University of Missouri has received a $2 million grant to study cattle genetics.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that the grant is part of $16.5 million in federal funding meant to increase food availability, safety and sustainability.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack says the research will focus on the six most common breeds produced in the United States and examine 15 million genetic markers.

Vilsack said the goal is to "do a much better job of protecting our beef cattle industry."

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A grain-handling operation is being planned in Caldwell County.

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The amount of water being released from dams along the Missouri River has been cut to help reduce the risk of flooding downstream after recent heavy rains.

A measure aimed at helping ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft expand in Missouri has advanced the House.

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The Missouri House has passed a bill with a number of provisions aimed at expanding access to guns.

The Missouri Legislature is sending a tax credit for cattle ranchers and slaughterhouses to the governor for approval.

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  The Missouri Legislature has authorized nearly $1 billion for maintaining state property and constructing new buildings.

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 The Missouri House has passed a controversial "personhood" measure opponents say could ban abortion, including in cases of rape and incest.

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 The University of Missouri will use a $3 million gift to fund a new regenerative orthopedic research center.

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A Jewish human rights group alleges the University of Missouri is "missing in action" when it comes to addressing anti-Semitism on campus.