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The UM System Board of Curators discussed a third-party review of administrative costs in their meeting this morning.

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For many artists, dreams are a source of inspiration. They can plant the seeds for novels and paintings. And a few weeks ago at Orr Street Studios in downtown Columbia, dreams inspired nearly 70 kids to make art of their own.


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With winter fast approaching, the city of Columbia wants to make sure its residents are ready for the first snow. The city of Columbia will host its first Snow Palooza this Thursday. The event is aimed at educating the public about how the city handles snow and ice storms and attendees will have a chance to look at snow-fighting equipment and ask city staff any questions they have about Columbia’s policy or procedures.

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Bill McKibben will present “Climate Change: The Hottest Fight in the Hottest Decade” in Columbia Wednesday night. The free event is part of the Lloyd B. Thomas Lecture and Performance Series. The author and environmentalist is a major voice in the discussion about climate change and a scholar at Middlebury College in Vermont. McKibben said he wants to bring people up to date about climate change scientifically, economically and politically.

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A lumpy field of mud interrupts an otherwise untouched grassy meadow in a remote section of Mark Twain National Forest near Rolla. Just to the right stands a large, circular cage made of metal. The day before, a 200-pound feral hog followed a trail of corn through the cage’s small opening. 

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For Regina Ruppert, it’s not easy to separate work and home life. She and her husband, Lee, opened Serenity Valley Winery outside St. Louis in 2006. Since 2011, the winery has been run from their property in Fulton.

“Never in a million years would I have dreamed of this, but the year our daughter graduated...I became an empty nester, turned 50 and had cancer all at the same time," Regina said. "And it wasn't a very good year. And my girlfriends suggested we look into doing this since my husband’s hobby was always winemaking.”

The Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital began hosting classes at its new Patient Education Center on January 29. The center is a space within the hospital designated for classes that target veterans’ health. 

Although the majority of the classes were already being offered, the new center makes them more accessible. Additionally, the center is outfitted with a kitchen that makes classes such as a healthy cooking class possible.