15 reasons to date a journalist

Jun 13, 2014

Credit jajah / Flickr

  The folks at the online dating site eHarmony have some advice for people looking for Mr. or Ms. Right -- journalists make great life partners! Missouri School of Journalism professors Katherine Reed, Mike McKean and Amy Simons talk about the positives and negatives of dating a journalist.

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They're always on time.  They're good with deadlines. They're great conversationalists. They're up on current events. 

A new dating advice article from eHarmony lists 15 reasons to date a reporter.

Missouri School of Journalism Professor Katherine Reed said she thought the list was funny and endearing.

I like that somebody said something nice about the interesting qualities of journalists. Especially, being conversationalists, "you’d want to have them at a dinner party," people have said that for years

But Professor Mike McKean had a different perspective.

Yeah we're good conversationalists, if you mean we do all the conversing and you do all the listening.