Animal shelters exempted from licensing fees

Apr 23, 2012

Some Missourians are upset about a recent bill that passed the Missouri House of Representatives that would exempt animal shelters from licensing fees.

Animal shelters and commercial breeders experienced an increase in licensing fees just last year. However if a new  bill passes the Senate, shelters and breeders will no longer have to pay these fee. President of the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners Karen Strange said this could compromise the quality of care for animals in shelters.

“We just believe that animals should be placed in the greatest of care regardless of where they are. And don’t believe that exempting one whole entity ensures the greatest care of the animals.”

Although Strange is opposed to the exemption of license fees for animal shelters and commercial breeders, she has come up with a solution to the problem.

“Smaller facilities operating on volunteer basis and not making a profit could be exempt. But larger facilities operating at a profit should pay for the cost of the inspections.”

The legislation passed the House with a 98-34 vote and will now be voted on by the Senate.