Anti-government protests grip Thailand

Feb 13, 2014

Anti-government protesters chant slogans during a rally outside the office of the permanent secretary for defense, Monday, Feb. 3, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Credit Wason Wanichakorn / Associated Press
Earlier this month protesters took to the streets of Bangkok, blocking polling sites in an apparent move to disrupt the country’s general election. 

This recent wave of demonstrations first erupted last year, following the introduction of an amnesty bill that would have protected controversial ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Opposition forces are now calling for the resignation of his sister, Yingluck, who currently serves as prime minister. The conflict has divided the country along class and geographic lines, rural north against urban residents in the south. 

This week on Global Journalist, we’ll explore the origins of the crisis and discuss what it will take to resolve the conflict in Thailand. 


Thanyarat Doksone is a reporter for the Associated Press, based in Thailand.

Steve Herman is the Southeast Asia Bureau Chief for the Voice of America.

Chris Baker is a political observer and co-author of the book A History of Thailand.