Ashland alderman reinstated after suspension

Oct 24, 2013

Ashland, Mo.

Ashland Alderman Jeff Anderson was reinstated Wednesday after a one-month suspension. 

Boone County Circuit Judge Gary Oxenhandler found Anderson was denied due process when the Ashland City Council suspended Anderson in a closed session last month.

Chip Gentry, Anderson’s attorney, agreed with the judge’s decision. He said it is important to everyone to hold government officials accountable.

“In order to protect the people’s interests and the value of their vote, fairness rules the day,” Gentry said.  

Anderson will resume his duties.  The city council will push for Anderson’s impeachment. The hearing is scheduled for Nov. 11.

Gentry is seeking answers regarding the reason for impeachment.

“We have been asking for over five weeks to see what they have claimed he has done that rises to the level of good cause,” Gentry said.

Mayor Gene Rhorer and council members Thomas, Martin and Long declined comment. Councilmen Hills and Taggart could not be reached for this story.