Assistance League of Mid-Missouri continues gift to Columbia College

May 3, 2013

Columbia College announced the continuation of a $200,000 gift from the Assistance League of Mid-Missouri today.

The gift, a pledge, promises $75,000 from the Assistance League over the next five years. They’ve donated about $130,000 of this gift since 2004. The money will go towards the Columbia College Assisting Women’s Achievement scholarship, which supports non-traditional female students at the college. Columbia College President-emeritus Gerald T. Brouder, who made the announcement, says that the funds will help fund up to ten scholarships this coming year.

“The Assistance League has been very very good friends to this institution. More important than our friendship is the fact that with the funds that they donate to us, we’re going to allocate those monies out to scholarships, to women in particular.”

The Assistance League’s donations have helped fund 69 students to date. The group hopes to continue donating money to the college even after their $200,000 pledge has been fulfilled.