Changes to be made to current GED tests

Nov 26, 2012

Come the new year, General Education Development tests will be harder and more expensive.

Credit taylor.a / FLICKR

In January 2013, a new GED test format will replace the current version, which introduced in 2002.

Christi Phillips is the Coordinator of Adult Education and Literacy in Columbia Public Schools. She says the prices of the tests will go from 40 dollars to 140 dollars.  The test will also be solely computer based.

“Students that take the test will have to learn to type if they didn’t already know. They will not even be provided with paper and pencil to you knows try and figure stuff out or write out an essay before they type it in. The most they will be given is a small white board,” Phillips says.

Phillips says that the minimal passing score should be equivalent to the old GED, but the material on the new test is going to be more difficult.

And instead of having one part for essays, the new test will involve essay writing in all of its sections.

“The essays will be more based taking/extrapolating data from the text and then making arguments with you know supporting documentation or supporting information from the text you read,” Phillips says.

Phillips says it is important to finish up any uncompleted tests because beginning in January test scores will not be transferable.