Children at play signs continue to dwindle in Boone County

Sep 18, 2012

Boone County Public Works stands by its decision not to replace a “children at play” sign removed from Columbia – even as some residents disagree.

Boone County points to several studies that disprove the effectiveness of the signs. A report released from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation says many national agencies do not support these types of signs, including the Federal Highway Administration.

Matt Rauch is the Wisconsin Department of Transportation State Signing Engineer. He says signs indicating occasional conditions, such as children at play, do not reduce motorists’ travel speeds – they can even distract motorists from seeing more important signs and signals.

"Most types of traffic signs lose credibility with motorists when they appear too often, signs such as this, warning signs," Rauch says.

Rauch says there are many ways to make roadways safer including decreasing roadway speed limits, putting in speed bumps and educating children about traffic safety