Citizen Jane Film Festival Promoting Community Interaction

Oct 22, 2015

The annual Citizen Jane Film Festival will open at Stephens College on Thursday. 

Thirteen feature films will be on screen out of more than one thousand submissions from around the world.

Linda Pattie, the interim director of Citizen Jane Film Festival, said this year’s theme “interaction” comes from the fact that people lack opportunities for face-to-face interaction, because of the usage of mobile device and social media.

“Even though there’s much more opportunities these days for interaction, often times the interaction happens in isolation,” Pattie said. “You’re at your computer and you’re on Facebook or Tumblr or sending an email. But here’s the festival. We come together to watch movies in community.”

In order to promote the interaction in the community, several directors will go to the festival, talking about their films and answering questions from audiences in person.

There will also be a new dance performance on the opening night.

“We have a lot of shorts programs, but this year we have a new one, which is dance shorts," Pattie said. "We asked for submission and we created a new category."