Cole County residents re-vote to expand Jefferson City boundaries

Nov 6, 2012

On Tuesday, Cole County residents will be re-voting on proposition one. If approved, measure would extend the boundaries of the Jefferson City area by approximately 160 acres.

Although they are not technically in the city, some Meadow by the Club residents are crossing city limits even as they exit their neighborhoods. If approved, proposition one would characterize these residents, two hotels and one furniture store as living in city limits.

The proposition was voted on in August and saw a split opinion.  Cole County Clerk, Marvin Register said Jefferson City is holding this vote in order to see tax benefits, mainly coming the Hampton Inn and Comfort Suites.

“That’s the reason I think they are trying to do it, more for the hotel, to get them in so they can get the convention center tax," Register said.

Vivek Puri, Executive Vice President for the Puri Group of Enterprises, owns the two hotels that would see an impact. If approved, he said the proposition would increase business expenses, with no additional benefit from Jefferson City.

“If my utilities go up and my other biggest expense is employment, and I can’t control anything else, except those two factors, what do I have to do?" Puri said. "I have to start laying off people to make sure that I can hit budget. I don’t have the luxury of taking out bonds, I don’t have the luxury of taking other people’s money, I have the luxury of my own money, and I have a budget to meet.”

Both residents from the Jefferson City area and Cole County area will vote on the proposition this coming Tuesday. In order to determine the outcome, the proposition will need a two-thirds majority vote in either direction.