Columbia council shortens Planning & Zoning terms, approves bike boulevard

Jun 3, 2014

Credit File / KBIA

City Council voted in their meeting Monday night to shorten term lengths for members of the Planning and Zoning commission from five years to four years.

The amendment was proposed last month and passed with a 4-3 vote. Congressmember Barbara Hoppe introduced the amendment in hopes of drawing in more interest to serve on the Commission from community members.

“We have more work for Planning and Zoning now than ever before,” said Hoppe.

With a need for people to serve on the committee, Hoppe said that shortening the term will allow for people to more easily make the commitment.

Mayor Bob McDavid said that the amendment was a solution for a non-problem. He said he does not believe anything is wrong with the five-year terms.

Councilmember Ginny Chadwick said she disagrees and that the five-year commitment is unrealistic for those people of lower incomes. She said the shorter term could benefit the P&S commission by adding diversity.

“With life happening and living in a low-income ward, I think that we could get more representation if it was a shorter term,” said Chadwick.

The Council also voted in favor of the continuation of construction plans for a new bike boulevard in Columbia. The boulevard will stretch from the MKT entrance east of Lathrop and Garth to the Parkade Center.