Columbia groups raise money for Philippines

Nov 14, 2013

Photo of the damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines taken November 10, 2013 by EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection via Flickr.

Humanitarian organizations are organizing aid in the Philippines after the passage of the Typhoon Haiyan. Here in Columbia, some groups are also doing their part.

The MU Filipino American Student Association raised $1.500 in 48 hours to help survivors of the typhoon. The funds will go to World Vision, an international humanitarian organization helping children in need.

MikkoDane Viudez, the treasurer of the Filipino student association, said the crisis brought solidarity in the community.

“We do have a lot of Filipinos that we didn’t even know on campus that wanted to help out, and even people that weren’t Filipino”, Viudez said. “So this whole event just brought everyone on campus together not just the Filipinos.”

Marcie Tigas is responsible for fundraising for the association. She said there are now new goals for the fundraising.

“We raised our goal to $4.000. It was original $1.500. So now this weekend, on today, Friday and Saturday, we’re gonna be canning downtown and collecting donations, and then next week we’re gonna be in the student center collecting donations and having a big sale.”

The Filipino-American Cultural Society of Mid-Missouri has represented the Filipino community in Columbia and Boone County for more than 20 years. President of the society Orly Alcabasa said the members will meet this weekend to organize fundraising.

“For right now I think the best way is to send money because we have been monitoring the situation in the Philippines.” Alcabasa said. “If you send goods, they still have to process it, and right now the system is not really effective yet. I think we’re discussing sending some funds to the local Philippine Red Cross.”

In the long run, Alcaba said he hopes the group can send clothes and construction supplies to repair the damaged houses.