Columbia homes regain power

Feb 28, 2013

The power has come back on for thousands of people in Columbia, allowing many happy residents to return to their warmer homes.

Joe Statts lives on Bearfield Road. He said after riding around in his truck just to keep warm on Tuesday night, he and his family decided to spend the night at a hotel.

“We didn’t know when it was going to come back on,” Statts said. “We didn’t want to be spending the night here.”

Other Columbia residents, like Jonathon Wheeler, decided to brave the power outage in their own homes, even though most of their neighbors retreated to hotels or friends’ houses.

“I looked out here and I wanted to see if anyone was home and most everyone had been gone,” Wheeler said. “The kids and I got our clothes on, went to Walmart, got flashlights, got a little bit more food, put more bedding on the beds, curled up, and waited.”

The power on Bearfield Road and many other streets eventually came on Tuesday last night, but other homeowners weren’t so lucky.

One Gans Road couple didn’t want to give their names for security reasons, but as of Wednesday, said they still hadn't’t gotten their electricity back.

The husband and wife both have medical problems, which made their 48-degree home, and inability to cook certain foods, hard to bear.

The Boone Electric Cooperative reported Wednesday morning 906 members without power this morning. Meanwhile, Ameren Missouri reported three.