Columbia opens household waste facility

Apr 9, 2012

April means spring cleaning for many Columbia residents. To the city of Columbia, that means lots of hazardous waste.

Columbia has opened a Household Hazardous Waste Facility every year since 1992. Nicholas Paul, the solid waste collection superintendent for the city of Columbia, explains why.

“A lot of times with the Spring coming, everybody wants to do a big Spring clean-up. So, we like to open in early April. And then November, they do the fall cleanup. So we want to try to get both clean-ups done,” Paul said.

The facility is open from eight to noon every first and third Saturday between April and November. Jill Stedem, the public information officer for public works in Columbia, explains what can be disposed of at the facility.

“We take everything from batteries to cell phones to household chemicals to paint. Any type of unwanted chemicals or hazardous products we will accept,” Stedem said.

Paul says all containers containing hazardous waste should be in boxes or sealed before arriving at the facility. For a complete list of hazardous products, visit the city of Columbia’s website.