Columbia Parks and Recreation still pushing for Grindstone Creek Trail

Sep 17, 2012

Columbia Parks and Recreation Department is moving forward on the contested Grindstone Creek Trail project.

The trail’s plan is causing opposition from some, because the trail would travel through homeowner’s property. However, it is secured through eminent domain. Assistant Director of the Department Mike Griggs discussed the opposition.

“All of our major and popular trails have had eminent domain as a means of acquiring it," said Griggs. "We wouldn’t be able to build a trail without it. It’s like building a road. You’re going to have some owners that’ll be okay with it. Yet some owners won’t. And so if you don’t have that option, then your likely not gonna build any more trails in Columbia”

The department will gauge public input in the coming weeks and will officially recommend the plans for the trail at an October 18th Parks and Recreation Commission meeting.