Columbia Police to beef up security during spring break

Mar 21, 2012

The Columbia Police Department is stepping up security during spring break and asking residents to do the same with their homes.

The department is encouraging residents make their homes look lived-in to deceive would-be burglars. They suggest leaving the lights on or using a timer, arranging for the pickup of mail and newspapers, securing doors and windows, disabling garage doors and taking expensive items with them. MU Police Department Captain Brian Weimer advises residents to be cautious with social media.

“What you clearly do not want to do is post that you will be leaving on social sites on Facebook, Twitter, other sites like that because you are simply advertising that you are going to be gone,” Weimer said.

 Columbia Police Spokesperson Latisha Stroer says there are a high number of burglaries during spring break and the department is deploying extra resources to prevent these crimes.

“They will be uniformed and plainclothes, there will also be marked and unmarked police vehicles, and they are going to be patrolling neighborhoods, particularly, neighborhoods where people will be gone during spring break,” Stroer said.

Residents, who are not leaving for spring break, are encouraged to inform the police if they notice any suspicious activity.