Columbia Public Works Department Conducts Survey for New Bike Markings

Apr 25, 2017

Photo courtesy of Columbia Public Works Department.

The Columbia Public Works Department is conducting a public survey to test new bike marking at four major city intersections. The city is making improvements to the bike markings after complaints from the public that the old markings were confusing.

The Public Works Department is working with the Federal Highway Administration to test the markings. The department tested a simulated version of the markings at the University of Missouri’s ZouSim testing lab in 2015.

Barry Dalton is the Public Information Officer for the Public Works Department.

“Before it can be implemented nationwide and be put into the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, it first needs to be tested,” Dalton said. “This is an idea that’s been looked at for a few years now.”

The markings are currently located on the intersections of Garth Avenue and Broadway, Garth Avenue and Worley Street, West Boulevard and Worley Street and West Boulevard and Broadway. The survey will be available online until July 5.

If the markings receive positive feedback, they will be paid for through Getabout Columbia, a non-motorized transportation grant that the city received from the Federal Highway Administration.