Columbia School District bond passes

Apr 9, 2014

Credit KBIA

Columbia residents voted to approve the school board's $50 million bond issue on Tuesday, April 8.

The bond passed with 63.5 percent approval, coming in with just over 7,000 votes.

Superintendent Chris Belcher celebrated the bond's passing alongside winning school board members Helen Wade and Jonathan Sessions at Bleu Restaurant.

Belcher said he was very pleased with the community's support for the board's ten-year facilities plan.

"Getting another 64 percent is this community saying that we love our public schools, we want our kids to have good facilities and our teachers to work in good classrooms," Belcher said.

The school board hopes to build a new elementary school and expand on several existing facilities with the new bond to alleviate overcrowding in the classroom.

According CPS's Facility and Bond Plan, these funds should be available by March 2016.