Columbia searches for an Information Technology Department director

Oct 8, 2012

Deputy City Manager Tony St. Romaine will temporarily serve as interim director for Columbia’s Information Technology Department.

St. Romaine replaces Bob Simms, who resigned after 12 years. He’ll eventually have to find an IT Director that can handle the challenges of an expanding technology field. St. Romaine is trying to find an update to the position that had stability for more a decade.

“The face of technology, I think, has changed dramatically in the last 12 years," St. Romaine says. "I mean, the job description, as it exists today, still references the old terms like beta processing and management information systems.”

The new director will need to be prepared to handle numerous software and hardware changes that the city hopes to accomplish in the near future.

“Technology has  certainly has changed, and so there is going to be a huge challenge in the next two years to replace those systems with systems that will hopefully be a big improvement," St. Romaine says.

The city hopes to find a permanent replacement for the position by the end of February next year.