Columbians with Active Warrants Will be Offered Amnesty on Traffic Tickets or Ordinance Violations

Sep 12, 2017

People with active warrants will be able to resolve their cases in the Columbia Municipal Court from Sept. 25 until Sept. 29. The warrant amnesty applies to anyone who appears for traffic tickets or other ordinance violation.

Credit Denitsa Tsekova / KBIA

Dee Williams, Municipal Court Administrator, says that the initiative may give the citizens of Columbia a fresh start. She adds if people come specifically at 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. there will be a docket, where those individuals can be seen right away.

Municipal Court Judge Cavanaugh Noce says that there are approximately 999 active warranties at the moment that can turn in to the court during the initiative.

“It gives people an opportunity to not be afraid and come in and either get their case resolved or get their case on the right track to be resolved,” Noce said.

The amnesty warrant is part of the Columbia Public Works Strategic Plan efforts to improve Columbian citizens’ chances of success. The court hours were expanded so that people can come after work, there will be also two night courts in the month.