Columbia's Battle honored in documentary

MU Extension will premiere a documentary about the life of Eliot Battle, a long time educator and counselor for Columbia Public Schools.

By Orko Bagchi

The film, “Battle: Change From Within,” will focus on Battle’s role in desegregating both the Columbia Public School system and the community as a whole.

Wanda Brown, Assistant Superintendent of secondary education, had the opportunity to work with Battle at Hickman High School. She says that while he was incredibly impactful on the children, his relevance in Columbia goes far beyond that.

“He and his wife were one of the first couples to move into an integrated neighborhood in Columbia," said Brown, "And they were just outstanding role models for all children and for this community.”

A screening of the film will take place at tomorrow night at 7 p.m., in Cornell Hall on Mizzou’s campus.