CoMo Connect Copyright Case to Keep Moving Forward

Apr 19, 2017

Credit Columbia Transit

Columbia’s public transit program can still call itself CoMo Connect – at least for now. A federal judge ruled the bus system’s name can stay as is despite a copyright claim from another Co-Mo branded company.

CoMo Connect can mean two things: Columbia’s bus system or an internet, TV and phone provider owned by the Co-Mo Electric Cooperative. The co-op sued in October saying having two CoMo Connects was too confusing for mid-Missourians. Jeffery Simon is a lawyer for the company.

“We’re getting misplaced phone calls, social media confusion between – there’s a great deal of it,” Simon said.

The court ruled this week that confusion wouldn’t cause enough harm to force the city to re-brand their buses. Despite this, Simon says his client is ready to keep moving forward with the case.

The City of Columbia declined comment, saying the litigation is still pending.