CPS students will pay more for their food

May 11, 2012

Lunch prices at Columbia Public Schools will rise next year.

The price of student lunches will go up 10 cents starting in the fall of 2012. A 20-10 federal requirement says school districts must generate enough revenue to pay for the cost of lunches themselves. Director of Development at the Food Bank Bobby Kincade says this change may affect the way the Food Bank helps provide lunches to students who can’t afford them.

“Families are hurting right now because of the economy and having the lunch prices go up, I’m sure, will have an impact on a lot of families,” Kincade said.

She says the Food Bank currently provides lunches for about 86-hundred children each week.  Prices will be two dollars and 50 cents at secondary schools and two dollars and 25 cents at elementary schools. Both breakfast and adult lunches will stay at their current prices: one dollar, 35 cents and three dollars respectively.