Dairy the likely culprit behind E Coli outbreak

Apr 11, 2012

Seven cases of E. coli have been reported in central Missouri, according to the State Department of Health and Senior services. Three of these cases are Boone County residents, with one patient requiring hospitalization. Columbia and Boone County Health Department spokesperson  Genalee Alexander said that all three residents had one thing in common:

“Now we have not determined a source or finalized the source of the E. coli in these three in these three people but, yes, all three had reported that they had consumed raw milk products,” Alexander said.

Alexander said while the common link between these three cases has been dairy products, residents should still be cautious when preparing food. The Columbia and Boone County Health department recommends thoroughly washing your fruit and vegetables, cooking your meat through, avoiding unpasteurized juices and dairy products and to always wash your hands.

Update: A previous version of this story listed five cases of E. coli reported in Missouri. Seven cases have actually been reported.