Delta Airlines threatens to leave Columbia air service market [infographic]

Oct 19, 2012

A representative from Delta Airlines said that if the Columbia City Council approves an airline expansion agreement with American Airlines, Delta will seek to exit the Columbia air service market.

Delta spokesperson Anthony Black said the company is requesting an incentive package similar to what American Airlines is expected to receive--waived fees and a $3 million dollar revenue guarantee fund.

Columbia City Council Member Gary Kespohl says Delta also bid on the Chicago and Dallas routes that American ultimately won…

“It’s like a little 5 year old kid coming to play, they can’t have their way, so they say ‘I’m going to take my toys and go home!’ They had an opportunity to bid on these routes also, and they did, and their prices were way higher than Americans," Kespohl said.

Kespohl said he supports the agreement and expects the measure to pass Monday morning.

Credit Charles Minshew / KBIA