Earthquake rocks southeast Missouri

The early morning earthquake that rattled much of Southeast Missouri on Tuesday morning caused little damage. The 4.0 magnitude quake was centered near East Prairie, Missouri.

By Tina Eaton (East Prairie, Mo.)

East Prairie’s city administrator Lonnie Thurmond said only minor damages were sustained to houses and sidewalks.

Missy Marshall was awakened at 3:58 a.m. by the earthquake in her Sikeston home.

Marshall said the quake sounded like a train passing by and rattled doors and windows across town, but no damage was reported to police or city officials.

Marshall said this quake, like recent ice storms and floods, is a reminder of the power of mother nature and the importance of preparedness.

“We have ridden out several quakes, but there’s never been any significant damage. It just reminds us that we do need to be prepared though, should we have an earthquake that would effect infrastructure in out communities around here, or even around us,” Marshall said.

In case of emergency, the city of Sikeston has a system set up that sends email, text and call alerts to registered citizens.

States as far away as Georgia felt the rumble.