Electric rates rising for KCP&L customers

Jan 10, 2013

Monthly bills will be rising for hundreds of thousands of electricity customers in western Missouri.

The Missouri Public Service Commission said Wednesday that it approved a $64 million rate increase for Kansas City Power and Light Company and an additional $49 million rate hike for KCP and L Greater Missouri Operations Company.

Credit File Photo / KBIA

Monthly bills will rise by an estimated $8.91 for a residential customer of KCP and L who uses 1,150 kilowatt hours of electricity in the summer months and 760 kilowatt hours in the winter.

Customers using similar amounts of electricity should see increases of about $5.70 a month in the Greater Missouri Operation Company's MPS service area and $12.91 a month in its L and P service area.

The companies serve a combined 584,000 customers in Kansas City, St. Joseph and western Missouri.