Flooding from last year still has farmers playing catch-up

May 16, 2012

A Columbia lawyer is utilizing a federal program to try to bring so-called, “immigrant investors” to Mid Missouri. Plus, Harvest Public Media reports on the lasting effects of last year’s flooding.

As part of KBIA’s series, “The China Connection,” Eva Dou tells us about the EB-5 program, and how it could bring a new crop of businesses to Mid-Missouri

Last fall, officials predicted that farmland along the Missouri River in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas might be out of production for at least a year. The flood of 2011 piled up sand dunes, gouged out deep holes, and killed off many of the microbes that help crops grow. But now it’s spring, and farmers are back on the land, trying to fix what nature broke. Rick Fredericksen, reporting for Harvest Public Media, discovered a most unusual planting season down by the river.