Fulton High School to adjust scheduling system

Apr 24, 2012

Fulton High School is changing its scheduling system in an effort to raise graduation rates.  The school says the key lies in increased student-teacher face time.

Under Fulton High School’s new hourly schedule, students will attend all seven of their classes each day instead of alternating between two four-period school days as they do now. English teacher Mary Sasser said the new schedule will discourage student procrastination and keep academic concerns on the forefront of students’ minds.

“It allows the teacher to see where understanding is breaking down sooner,” Sasser said.

The Fulton High School faculty chose the new scheduling model that superintendent Jacque Cowherd ultimately approved. Cowherd said the decision to make this change came after a period of evaluation.

“In the past eighteen months we’ve just taken a very critical, serious look at the data on each child. Looking at averages per grade level has not been acceptable,” Cowherd said.

Fulton High School will start using the hourly schedule at the beginning of the school year.