Funding draft recommendations released for Missouri colleges and universities

Dec 10, 2012

A joint committee of Missouri House and Senate members is considering an overhaul of how the state’s colleges and universities are funded each year.  A first draft of recommendations was released today, and it includes basing 10 percent of an institution’s state funding on performance standards such as graduation rates. 

GOP Senator David Pearce, said the report is still a work in progress.

“The 10 percent on the funding, is that excessive?" said Pearce. "Is it not enough?  Is it exactly where we want to have it?  Things like public service and student services that are very, very important parts of an individual institution – what kind of weight should that have when it comes to a funding formula?”

Public comments on the recommendations are being accepted through the end of the year, but Pearce said they could likely be revised once the legislative session begins next year.