Gary Sinise promotes upcoming concert

Jul 17, 2012

Gary Sinise, also known as Lt. Dan from the movie Forest Gump, will be part of an upcoming benefit concert for veterans.  The Lieutenant Dan Band will be playing at Apple Creek Farms on July 27 to raise funds for “Operation Tyler.” It’s a push to put Marine Lance CPL Tyler Huffman, his wife and their two-year-old son into a new, more accessible home.

The 24-year-old Huffman was paralyzed in Afghanistan in 2010 when he was shot by a sniper. Sinise says he wanted to start helping disabled veterans after his role as Lt. Dan – a disabled Vietnam veteran.

“We all remember what happened to our Vietnam veterans when they came home from the war. It was a shameful period in our history. We treated out Vietnam veterans very badly. So the idea of that happening again to today’s returning veterans was just very troubling to me," said Sinise.

Sinise talked via Skype Tuesday at an event promoting “Operation Tyler” in Jefferson City. He was joined by joined former Jefferson City Jays Football Coach Pete Adkins and others involved in “Operation Tyler.” Tickets for the concert are $30 and are available on the Apple Creek tickets website.