Gov. Nixon announces trade agreements with Taiwan and South Korea

Mar 21, 2013

Credit File Photo / KBIA

Nearing the conclusion of a week-long trip to Asia, Gov. Jay Nixon Thursday announced trade agreements with Taiwan and South Korea totaling $1.9 billion in Missouri goods for the next four years.

Nixon says Missouri farmers will feel a positive impact from these arrangements, noting that the state’s corn and soybeans are recognized for their quality, and that Missourians can deliver the quantities within these agreements.

“I think with the rising commodity prices, and coming off last year’s drought, this is an especially important year for all of us to have certainly in the demand for markets,” Nixon said. “This will help provide that certainty, the hundreds of millions of dollars in direct contracts will keep that price in a range where it can be predictable.”

Nixon also offered his perception of the attitude in South Korea amid threats from their neighbors to the north.

“I think that most of the folks that we have talked to, quite frankly all of the folks that we have talked to, have felt that this was, you know, continued bluster of a young leader [Kim Jong-un] that is not going to affect day-to-day commerce or the safety of this region,” Nixon said.

The Governor added he believes citizens in South Korea are very proud of their strong coalition with the United States.