House endorses teacher tenure compromise

Apr 6, 2012

Legislation that would require teachers to work more years in a school district before earning tenure has received first-round approval in the Missouri Senate.

The bill sponsored by Republican Jane Cunningham of Chesterfield would double that time period from five to 10 years.  It would also do away with the practice of “last in, first out” when it comes to layoffs.

“What it does now is it changes it so they do it based not on seniority, like it is now, but based on effectiveness. However, once they have to hire back, they can only hire back from the group they let go…they can’t go to some rock-star new teacher that walks in the door.”

Cunningham’s bill originally sought to end teacher tenure, but she pulled it Wednesday in the face of strong opposition.  The chair of the Senate Education committee proposed doubling the tenure period as a compromise.  The bill now needs one more vote before moving to the Missouri House.