Illinois medicinal marijuana law won't get people a pass in Missouri

Aug 8, 2013

Credit lancerok / Flickr

Illinois’ new medicinal marijuana law won’t change how prosecutors or police enforce marijuana laws in Missouri. Eric Zahnd is the Platte County prosecuting attorney and the president of the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys. He says anyone caught in Missouri with marijuana can be prosecuted for possession.

“I do not believe having a prescription for marijuana in Illinois permits someone to possess marijuana in the state of Missouri, but many of those folks who may possess valid prescriptions in Illinois may not know that,” Zhand said.

Zahnd adds that Missouri doctors cannot prescribe marijuana for patients to purchase in Illinois.

Sgt. Mark McClendon with the Southeast Missouri Drug Task Force says Illinois' law will not change how they handle marijuana arrests and they will enforce the statutes on the books, which say anything less than 35 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor.

The Illinois law takes effect in January.