Intersection - Origins of Community Policing and How it Looks in Columbia

Dec 13, 2016

Credit 7mary3 / FLICKR

This week on Intersection, we continue exploring what community policing looks like in Columbia, and where ideas about community policing come from. We talk with Daniel Isom, a former chief of police and professor of policing and the community at the University of Missouri in St. Louis, and with Clint Sinclair, the Columbia Police Department's LGBT liaison.  We also learn how  Columbia police officers are trained to identify bias when we sit in on an open-to-the-public version of the department's community policing training.

Through our conversations, we learn about the origins of community policing and how it's developing in Columbia. Listen to the full story: 

Sgt. Mike Hestir walks the audience through obstacles that can prevent police from meeting community expectations of fairness. Hestir emphasized in his training that all people have subconscious biases.
Credit Lauren Wrigley / KBIA

Two of our producers attended a community policing training in Columbia. The training event was open to the public and intended to show how officers learned about bias and interactions with the communities they patrol. Listen to the their story about the event: