KBIA visits Hartsburg

Feb 2, 2012

Hartsburg, Missouri is situated on hilly land just south of Ashland with a population of only about 105. Luther Hunt and his family settled in the area in 1870s and by 1893 a railroad station known as Hart City was built. But it wasn't until 1901 that the town was officially incorporated as Hartsburg. 

Soon after a bank, hardware store, and other businesses began opening downtown. The region was home to a large farming community. Due to the decline of the railroad as well as major floods, Hartsburg was changed significantly. 

These days, Hartsburg is known for its annual pumpkin festival, which takes place every October. Still, there are people who remember the town in its heyday, some are even lifelong residents. They can be found quilting at the Peace united Church of Christ and they include Vera Jean Nicholas, Erna Beckmeyer, Maryanne March, Cindy Glascock, Joyce Allen, and Sharon Bullard.

This postcard from Hartsburg is part of the 40/40 Project: KBIA is celebrating its 40th anniversary by visiting 40 different towns in Mid-Missouri.  Find them all at The 40/40 Project.