Kirksville begins Downtown Strategic Plan

Oct 24, 2012

As Missouri’s Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri, or DREAM initiative, comes to an end, Kirksville is beginning to create a Downtown Strategic Plan as part of the program’s last effort.

Kirksville is beginning the end processes of their Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri initiative.

The State Department of Natural Resources designated Kirksville as a DREAM community in 2007.

Community Services Coordinator Sarah Halstead said the program has been beneficial to the city.

“Becoming a DREAM community we were provided access to professional planning, public infrastructure programs, sod renovation programs, housing financing, historic preservation financing, and we are wrapping up the process now," Halstead said.

Halstead said the last part of the initiative is coming up with a Downtown Strategic Plan.

To revitalize its downtown, Kirksville has hired the private firm PGAV Urban Consulting.

The city was to hold a public meeting Tuesday evening to get community feedback on the Downtown Strategic Plan.

Halstead said she hopes the meeting will help improve the plan.

“This will give us some guidelines and recommendations that PGAV has developed to help us revitalize Kirksville’s downtown," Halstead said. "It just gives us some guidelines and ideas of how to proceed to make our downtown a more vital community.”

Once the Downtown Strategic Plan is finalized, Halstead said they hope to get the City Council and other boards to agree on the plan.