Legislation aims to prevent another Mamtek fiasco

Dec 28, 2011

A Republican state Representative from southwest Missouri has introduced legislation he says will help prevent another Mamtek from happening in the state.

The state’s Department of Economic Development is accused of not doing enough background research into Mamtek before authorizing 17 million dollars of incentives for the company to build an artificial sweetener factory in Moberly.

Representative Tom Flanigan says making it a felony for the department to issue bonds without obtaining “all necessary documentation” will prevent future questionable projects from slipping through the cracks.

 “I think that some things came out that had it been known by the citizens in people in Moberly probably would have had them at least pause before going forward,” Flanigan said.

 Flanigan was a member of the House committee that investigated the Mamtek deal. The measure does not define “necessary documents.” Flanigan says details will be filled in during the legislative process.