March4Trump Gathering in Jefferson City Asks Country to 'Unite'

Mar 6, 2017

“Stop the fight. Let’s Unite.” It’s the slogan for the March4Trump organization.

The group started as a grassroots organization before growing into a nationwide movement, according to the organization’s Facebook page. On Saturday March 4, the organization held a march outside the Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City.

Hundreds of people attended, including a family from Springfield, Illinois.

Mike Summers, 73, was a coal miner for 33 years. When he was 56 years old, the coal mine he worked in was shut down.

“President Trump says he’s going to cut some of the regulations and I think that’s going to help the coal mines,” Summers said. “When we heard about [the march], we came down here.”

The event began at 1 p.m. Several people arrived around noon to hang out on the steps of the capitol building to talk with others and show off their signs. Some signs read “Women for Trump,” “United We Stand,” and “Deplorable and Proud of It.” As cars drove by, they honked their horns in support. Many people said they hoped the nation would eventually become unified.

Brenda Webb, the leader of the Truly Trump Team of St. Charles County, formed her group in support of Trump. They are citizens of the county, both young and old.

“We went to the conventions, we did Rolling Trump Trains through St. Charles County, we did sign waves on I-70, we did overpass rallies with Overpasses for America,” Webb said. “We just had a blast because we so believed in Donald Trump.”

Webb said they were attending the March4Trump event to support the president because they felt like their voices were finally being heard.

“This was truly the silent majority that stood up. That is who elected Donald Trump,” Webb said. “Because finally somebody was saying the things that they wanted to hear and that they thought they could believe in.”