Meals on Wheels deals with winter weather

Feb 25, 2013

The charity Meals on Wheels delivers roughly 100 meals a day to the elderly and the disabled throughout Columbia. Inclement weather, like last week’s snowstorm, forces the charity to reorganize its efforts.

The bad weather forced Meals on Wheels to cancel deliveries last Friday. Without the deliveries, executive director JoNetta Weaver says some of the charity’s clients turned to emergency supplies they received in the fall. Since more bad weather is expected for tomorrow, Weaver says Meals on Wheels has been preparing extra frozen meals in case their clients’ emergency supplies have been exhausted.

“We sent a letter with them telling them, ‘Put that in the freezer!’ so that in the event we can’t deliver tomorrow they’ve got a frozen meal," said Weaver.

She says she’s especially appreciative of the volunteers who have continued to deliver meals despite the weather.

“They really want to, and that’s the same way it was on Thursday – they want to make sure that our people are fed," said Weaver.