Mexico auto parts manufacturer plans to add jobs

Mar 27, 2012

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon was in Mexico Tuesday to announce more job creation in the state.

Spartan Light Metal Products will invest $12.5 million in new production lines that will bring more than 40 jobs in the next five years to Mexico. At a press conference, Governor Nixon discussed the fact that the latest jobs report saw Missouri lower its unemployment rate and add more than 2300 jobs to the state’s economy. The Governor was also impressed after taking a tour of the Spartan plant.

“Well first of all the quality here. I mean this is a company that brings a strong ethic to its workplace. You can feel it through all of the workers as well as the management and that I think it is relatively simple. They live their values here in the workplace and in their communities,” Nixon said.

The Spartan Light Metal Plant hit some tough times during the recession and had to lay off some employees. Vice President of Operations Ted Waltemate says Governor Nixon and the state have a good plan for job creation.

“Exciting that he’s supporting the growth in the automotive industry and in business in general. Manufacturing is a core of the economy so I think his focus is in the right place,” Waltemate said.

The new production lines at Spartan will be used to manufacture parts for both Volkswagen and GM vehicles and handle increase production for Toyota vehicles.